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Happy Days Stickers were founded in Darwin, Australia in honour of a great mate Kyle, who like many others died by suicide after living in silence from a mental illness. The stickers are created by Gareth/, and were first made available at Gareth’s second solo art exhibition, ‘Happy Days’ in November 2015. The art exhibition was a tribute to Kyle who’s saying to life was ‘Happy Days’. The exhibition also raised money for mental health charity LIVIN.

It is estimated that around 19,000 stickers have been circulating since! The stickers are a conversation starter and have been given out at pubs, music festivals and on travels. Often people really stop and share their story, as we all have a story, that relates to mental health or suicide. Many friends and friends of friends have taken the stickers travelling. The stickers have been shared all around the world, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Since its conception Happy Days has raised money for LIVIN, MATES in Construction, TEMHCOFebFast and now Sabrina's Reach 4Life.

Check out Happy Days 'In the media' and take a look at where it all began at the ‘Happy Days’ exhibition in Darwin in 2015 

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